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Carpet Area

Carpet Area is the effective area available for use within an apartment, excluding the area occupied by the walls. It is measured from wall to wall within the apartment and translates into actual floor area which can be carpeted, if required.

Built-up area /Plinth Area/ Apartment Area

Apartment Area of the Said Apartment shall mean entire area enclosed by its periphery walls including area under walls, columns, balconies, deck, cupboards, space for AC unit and lofts etc. and half the area of common walls with other premises/ apartment, which form integral part of Said Apartment.

Most of the builders consider complete balcony area while calculating apartment area. But there are still some builders who consider half of the balcony area while calculating the built-up area.

There is a degree of ambiguity in this calculation and this Question is to be still answered? While calculating apartment area do we include half the area of balconies or the full area?

Some of the apartments also come with exclusive open terraces. There is a difference between a terrace and a balcony. A terrace has no ceiling/roof. A balcony has a ceiling/roof.The area of a terrace is usually considered as half of the built up area.

Apartment area is approximately 10% more than the carpet area.

Common Area

Common Areas shall mean all such parts/areas in the project which the allottee shall use by sharing with other occupants of the project including entrance lobby, driver’s/common toilet atground floor, lift lobbies, lift shafts, electrical shafts, fire shafts, plumbing shafts and service ledges on all floors, common corridors and passages, staircases, mumties, services areas including but not limited to lift machine room, overhead water tanks, helipad, underground water tanks & pump room, electric sub-station, DG set room, fan rooms, Laundromat, maintenance offices/ stores, security/ fire control rooms and architectural features, if provided.

Super Area/Saleable Area

Super Area for the purpose of calculating the Sale Price in respect of the Said Apartment shall be the sum of Apartment Area of the Said Apartment, its pro-rata share of Common Areas in the entire said building and pro-rata share of other Common Areas outside apartment buildings earmarked for use of all apartment allottees in the project.

Super area is approximately 25% more than the apartment area.

Super Area doesn’t include

a) Sites for shops and shop(s).

b) Sites / Buildings/ Area of Community facilities/ Amenities like Nursery/ Primary/ Higher Secondary School, Club / Community Centres, Dispensary, Crèche, Religious Buildings, Health Centers, Police Posts. Electric Sub-Station, Dwelling Units for Economically Weak Sections/ Services personnel.

c) Roof / top terrace above apartments excluding exclusive terraces allotted to apartments/ Penthouses.

d) Covered / Open Car Parking Area within / around Buildings for allottees / visitors of the project.

Percentage of Apartment Area to Super Area: There is no norm as such for this ratio. Broadly Percentage of Apartment Area to Super Area of Apartment varies anywhere between 75% and 78%. One should be cautious while buying the apartment. The more this percentage better it is as one get more self usable space. In some cases this percentage is highly skewed and is around 65%. These are high loading apartments and should be avoided.

Having understood the definition of different areas for residential unit, curiosity made me take a step further and have a look at the area definition for the commercial projects. The notable difference here is the percentage of commercial space to the super area. This is as low as 60% as a norm for commercial complexes. So for a 500 sqft super area of commercial space one hardly gets 300 sqft of usable area.

Carpet area is hardly used by the builder in any of the documentation executed between builder and buyer. The simple reason is that carpet area is the easiest to interpret and measure by an end user. The other areas are very difficult to measure and most of the people are at the mercy of the builder for the super area defined for a flat. Carpet Area should be made the ubiquitous standard across the country for selling either a residential or a commercial unit. The privatedevelopers should not be permitted to sell property on the basis of the ambiguous and often misleading “super area”. The time is ripe to make it mandatory for the development authorities to clear the building plan on the basis of carpet area only

Before I finish this off I would like to share that – while researching on the topic I came across an interesting floor plan where all these areas are defined. Although this builder charged on the basis of Super Area but the floor plan very clearly defined all the areas where by a layman like me could understand how much space I am actually buying.