Beware - Use Your Judgment

It is in the interests of a user to exercise his/her best judgment to assess properties' and owners' authenticity. The claims being made may or may not be correct, a user is therefore advised to independently verify the authenticity of the claims being made. To this end, we have compiled a checklist which may help a user avoid deceit. We recommend that all our users MUST go through the checklist (mentioned below) prior to purchasing or renting a house.

For a Buyer/Investor

For a Tenant

How to Avoid Real Estate Fraud

Disclaimer: is a platform which acts a medium for allowing people having converging interests involving real estate transactions, namely the buyer/tenant and owner/broker. is merely a preliminary medium of contact and exchange of information, users are strongly advised to have independent third party verifications (whether marked verified or not) prior to proceeding with any transactions involving real estate. The onus of finding a genuine property be it for purchase or rental purpose, lies on the user.

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